Episode 2 – Dark Souls vs. King’s Field

In this episode of the LTTP podcast, we talk about Dark Souls and its predecessor series King’s Field. Joining us is 1up.com Features Admiral, host of Retronauts, and MST3K fan, Bob Mackey.


kings-field.com – A treasure trove of information and ancient internet design practices.

Hardcore Gaming 101 – Here you can find extensive articles about King’s Field and the Hungry Ghosts game that Bob mentioned.

Diadem of Maunstraut – Download and play this King’s Field fan game. Authentic!

LTTP episode 2 – Dark Souls


3 comments on “Episode 2 – Dark Souls vs. King’s Field

  1. Rory Starks says:

    In addition to the D&D Gold Box games you mentioned there were also two D&D games on 3DO that were very similar to King’s Field and Ultima Underwold — AD&D: Slayer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEQFSvG0Zq4) and AD&D: DeathKeep (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2ZKhaexa4E). I used to own both of these and I remember that they came with calling cards that you could use to call a hint hotline. As far as 3DO RPGs are concerned I had a lot more fun with Lucienne’s Quest than I did these two games but they were still decent.

    • Brian Kent says:

      Wow. Slayer and DeathKeep look pretty amazing for the time and apparently had random dungeon generation? They seem pretty fast paced. Were they very difficult? I wonder how hard it would be to try and find and play these.

      • Rory Starks says:

        I don’t remember them being too terribly difficult but then again it’s been over a decade since I played either game. They were both $5 at Besy Buy back when they actually carried 3DO games. Looks like they’re around $10 on eBay.

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