Episode 6 – Dead Rising 2: Off the Record vs. Resident Evil

Zombies. You know we love ’em. Joining us this week for an extensive discussion of zombies is noted Zombologist and freelance writer, owner of gaming site Quarter To Three, Dr. Tom Chick. We set out to compare and contrast Dead Rising and Resident Evil, but the conversation took too many interesting turns to hold dear to that requirement. We covered too many games, movies, and others for me to link to everything, but I would like to specifically mention that Tom has created a very interesting thread on the Quarter To Three forums. He’s doing a day by day play-through of the iPhone game Rebuild on its hardest difficulty, using the names of forum members, and he’s got quite a fun narrative going on there. He also has a review of the game, as well as an interview with its creator on the main Qt3 site. Good stuff.

LTTP episode 6 – Dead Rising 2


2 comments on “Episode 6 – Dead Rising 2: Off the Record vs. Resident Evil

  1. Charles W. says:

    Can I request that in the future you include meta-data information on your podcast file? Just a couple things like Title, Author, Album information (podcast name) would be great.


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