Episode 6 – Dead Rising 2: Off the Record vs. Resident Evil

Zombies. You know we love ’em. Joining us this week for an extensive discussion of zombies is noted Zombologist and freelance writer, owner of gaming site Quarter To Three, Dr. Tom Chick. We set out to compare and contrast Dead Rising and Resident Evil, but the conversation took too many interesting turns to hold dear to that requirement. We covered too many games, movies, and others for me to link to everything, but I would like to specifically mention that Tom has created a very interesting thread on the Quarter To Three forums. He’s doing a day by day play-through of the iPhone game Rebuild on its hardest difficulty, using the names of forum members, and he’s got quite a fun narrative going on there. He also has a review of the game, as well as an interview with its creator on the main Qt3 site. Good stuff.

LTTP episode 6 – Dead Rising 2


Episode 5 – Limbo vs. Prince of Persia

It’s a battle of the deaths on this episode of LTTP, when we barely compare and contrast the atmospheric and deadly Limbo, with the equally punishing Prince of Persia. Joining us is co-host of the Chatterbox Video Game Radio show, and host of the short-lived (but much loved) Penny Arcade Expo Family Feud, Alon Waisman. Another intro screw up leads to a break down of Limbo, an odd juxtaposition of Prince of Persia, and, somehow, Street Fighter II on the NES. We mention the names Ara and Rich out of the blue, two of Alon’s co-hosts, so, if you’d like to learn more about them, be sure and listen to Chatterbox. All of it.

Wired’s report on the Prince of Persia source code

Street Fighter II on the NES/Famicom

LTTP episode 5 – Limbo

Episode 4 – Retro Game Challenge vs. Retro Game Challenge

In this episode, we take a look at the retro-inspired Nintendo DS title Retro Game Challenge, which is based on the Japanese television show GameCenter CX. Joining us is the creator of Scroll magazine, Ray Barnholt, and the host of The F-List and Gizmonic Institute Radio podcasts, Dr. Seth Macy. Geez, that’s a lot of links. We cover all of the games included in Retro Game Challenge and talk about the classic NES, Famicom, and arcade games that inspired them (and us). Then, Ray schools us in the Japanese-only sequel and why everyone should import it without fear of getting lost in translation. Yosh!

LTTP episode 4 – Retro Game Challenge

Episode 3 – Rock Band vs. Parappa the Rapper

After a short hiatus, the LTTP podcast returns. This week, Matt and Brian chat with 1UP blogger turned game dev tool developer Kevin Cogger about his love of the Rock Band franchise. After Brian screws up the intro and they end up embarrassing themselves with the reveal of their Rock Band band names, our hosts talk about how Parappa the Rapper created the rhythm game genre, all the while forgetting the names of numerous other games that they should have researched. An all around Rock and Roll show (with a Hip Hop backend).

LTTP episode 3 – Rock Band

Episode 2 – Dark Souls vs. King’s Field

In this episode of the LTTP podcast, we talk about Dark Souls and its predecessor series King’s Field. Joining us is 1up.com Features Admiral, host of Retronauts, and MST3K fan, Bob Mackey.


kings-field.com – A treasure trove of information and ancient internet design practices.

Hardcore Gaming 101 – Here you can find extensive articles about King’s Field and the Hungry Ghosts game that Bob mentioned.

Diadem of Maunstraut – Download and play this King’s Field fan game. Authentic!

LTTP episode 2 – Dark Souls

Episode 1 – L.A. Noire vs. Tex Murphy and other classic detective games

The premiere episode of the late to the party podcast is now available! This week Brian and Matt talk to Jonathan London of Geekscape.net about L.A. Noire and classic detective adventures like the Tex Murphy series (including Under a Killing Moon), Deja Vu, and the Blade Runner adventure game. Brian is eaten by a baby at one point, but returns unscathed.

Good Old Games – As mentioned on the show, you can find the Tex Murphy games on gog.com

LTTP episode 1 – LA Noire