Episode 3 – Rock Band vs. Parappa the Rapper

After a short hiatus, the LTTP podcast returns. This week, Matt and Brian chat with 1UP blogger turned game dev tool developer Kevin Cogger about his love of the Rock Band franchise. After Brian screws up the intro and they end up embarrassing themselves with the reveal of their Rock Band band names, our hosts talk about how Parappa the Rapper created the rhythm game genre, all the while forgetting the names of numerous other games that they should have researched. An all around Rock and Roll show (with a Hip Hop backend).

LTTP episode 3 – Rock Band


Episode 2 – Dark Souls vs. King’s Field

In this episode of the LTTP podcast, we talk about Dark Souls and its predecessor series King’s Field. Joining us is 1up.com Features Admiral, host of Retronauts, and MST3K fan, Bob Mackey.


kings-field.com – A treasure trove of information and ancient internet design practices.

Hardcore Gaming 101 – Here you can find extensive articles about King’s Field and the Hungry Ghosts game that Bob mentioned.

Diadem of Maunstraut – Download and play this King’s Field fan game. Authentic!

LTTP episode 2 – Dark Souls