Episode 5 – Limbo vs. Prince of Persia

It’s a battle of the deaths on this episode of LTTP, when we barely compare and contrast the atmospheric and deadly Limbo, with the equally punishing Prince of Persia. Joining us is co-host of the Chatterbox Video Game Radio show, and host of the short-lived (but much loved) Penny Arcade Expo Family Feud, Alon Waisman. Another intro screw up leads to a break down of Limbo, an odd juxtaposition of Prince of Persia, and, somehow, Street Fighter II on the NES. We mention the names Ara and Rich out of the blue, two of Alon’s co-hosts, so, if you’d like to learn more about them, be sure and listen to Chatterbox. All of it.

Wired’s report on the Prince of Persia source code

Street Fighter II on the NES/Famicom

LTTP episode 5 – Limbo